Eating at night is a bad habit. Because at night you do not have enough time to keep your food completely digested. Eating at night will lead to excessive eating junk food and it will also be the source of poor sleep. If you are looking for ways to stop eating at night, consider the following steps.

  1. In the day to eat a little better, so when you go home you will not devour eat. If you eat a fairly good breakfast and lunch, and it include a healthy snack between rice and rice, it will help you stay away from eating and drinking when you go home. Ideally, prepare a small and healthy dinner with enough protein to help you stay in the next night. After this meal you should not need any food.
  2. Limited control of the amount of junk food in your home or throw them away. If your cupboard has your favorite snacks, you will think of them in your heart. Even if you are not hungry, you will be eager to that taste. If you throw away junk food, you will not be tempted.stop-eating-at-middle-night-reading
  3. Engage in a hobby that you can do at home so that you can make yourself busy at night with something that is not something to eat. This can be done when you are watching TV, like writing, a crocheting process, or a combined model. If you are busy with your hands, you are less likely to touch snacks.
  4. Use more constructive things instead of emotional eating. When people often deal with sorrow or feel alone, these emotions become stronger at night. In response, people use food as a comfort. The more sad, sad or angry, will eat more food. This habit can be replaced by something less destructive. Use exercise, reading, learning or writing instead of eating. These are more positive ways to express your empty feelings.
  5. Go to bed at a reasonable time. If you are too late to sleep, you are more likely to think of eating snacks. Especially when you are watching TV, playing games or online. If these hobbies will lead to eating, then you will find that you stay up late the night your willpower will decline more you cannot no snack companion.
  6. When you feel a strong desire to eat snacks, drink some water. If you get up to the kitchen to eat, take the bottle of water instead. This will not be what you desire, but it will fill your stomach and eventually help you stop eating at night.stop-eating-at-middle-night-drink-water
  • Squeeze a little lemon juice in the water or soak the strawberries so that the water gets better and fun.
  1. Respect your efforts to stop eating snacks at night. If the night to eat has become a habit, every night, do not think this is a very easy to break the habit. It will be more challenging at first, but if you follow discipline and remind yourself why you start this challenge, you will succeed in your endeavor.
  2. Brush your teeth for at least 1 hour before going to bed. Once you brush your teeth and have a fresh tone, you may be reluctant to eat snacks again. This is an example of using a good habit to get rid of another bad habit.


  • If you want to give yourself a kind of hospitality to calm the day of tension, like soothing heart of herbal tea is a good substitute for midnight snacks. Stevia is the base of the sweet material without calories but still can give you full of happiness.
  • Understand why you want to eat at night and physically and psychologically effectively suppress the desire you want to eat. Bad habit is an expedient measure for other problems.
  • Get support. Let other people help you to remove the snacks and do not eat in front of you. And those who do not eat snacks and use them as an example.
  • Cut and prepare fruit or vegetable snacks in advance. In the carnival of the moment, a cut melon will be replaced by unhealthy snacks, because snacks more convenient. With an indifferent attitude, food will become a disaster.
  • Turn the quantity into quality. If your problem is to lose weight, that’s why it’s a better choice than fruit that is expensive for candy.
  • If you are sleeping with low blood sugar problems, turn some healthy snacks will be easier to eat snacks. Fruit is a good choice for dealing with hypoglycemia, or just fruit juice will soon bring you to sleep instead of high calorie sugar or high salty potato chips or other junk food.
  • Chewing sugar-free chewing gum so that you do not want to eat anything. Not to say that you are hungry but you control the situation you have eaten to eat. Be determined not to eat, your body will give up and use your fat to do energy.
  • Do not eat chewing gum, your head feels you feel satisfied, but you will still feel hungry.