The modern people’s life is too hard, it is necessary to fight for the time to work, but also need to grab the time to sleep, if necessary, have to “sleep”, long neglected sleep quality, but also deprived of the depths of the heart, everyone has a huge operation power.

  • Not just sleep, but also sleep well

As early as a century ago, Freud, Jung, these psychological masters to expose the human subconscious has an infinite mystery, that people in sleep, the mind of the bottom of the mind to operate more active, and more opportunities to contact the real self.

“Unfortunately, most people now ignore the role of the subconscious on the body,” the study of sleep for more than a decade, with the United States hypnosis treatment and trainer license, psychotherapist Jim Liao lamented.

He describes the subconscious “as a mighty giant”, who will act as a directive, and if it does not, it will operate according to the original inertia.

Under the instructions of the best time is half awake, that is, fast sleep did not fall asleep, just woke up and not completely awake, can be said to be “natural hypnotic state.”

Hypnotic state is a state of relaxation, then consciousness into the focus of the state, the body of the acceptance of the implied high, suitable for implantation of ideas or ideas, the integration of the body and mind is very helpful. For example, I said, “I am more and more capable of expressing my inner feelings and my ability to communicate.” “I will keep the proper amount of food and do not let the body be overburdened.” “Today, my subconscious will automatically guide me Living an increasingly healthy way of life “.

Therefore, if you can properly use sleep, will help the physical and mental development, so that their own brand new.

  • Cultivate a good sleep program

Sleep experts usually recommend that as far as possible before going to bed to make things come to an end. Or take some time to reflect on the day.

The way varies from person to person, with a diary, or in the brain can quickly browse. Retrospecting is like cleaning up trash, removing unwanted emotional burdens after refreshing sleep.

Experts every night before going to sleep, always remember what day to do, what makes sense, what waste of time. By redefining the priorities of things to simplify the arrangement of life, “let yourself go to zero, tomorrow is a new day.”

In addition, try not to do too much in bed should not do things, like call, batch documents, plans to plan, to avoid bed into a multi-functional places. “Just two things in bed just like, sleep and make love,” study the mystery of the operation of the mysterious master Gurdjieka.

Experts think that the training of a good sleep program is very important, in addition to solve the problem of insomnia, but also improve the quality of sleep, so that physical and mental safety in the best situation.

The recommended practice is:

  1. First finishing the bed, the quilt, pillow care to the most comfortable state.
  2. to their most natural, comfortable posture lying.
  3. After lying down, do a few deep breaths, so that they gradually relax and quiet down, and then use the feeling from scratch to see it again, to see which parts tight, and then try to relax.
  • Counting number and breathing methods

Count the number of your breath in your mind, from 1 slowly to 10, and then from 10 to 1, remember, count the number while exhale breaths, which means that the first negative energy spit out, and then inhalation of positive energy. Back and forth several times, until gradually removed distractions, calm and calm.

  • Heart completely relaxed, gradually fall asleep, please note that the method.

For example you can say:

“Tonight my sleep is very good, and when I wake up, I am energetic and radiant.”

“I want to wake up at 6 o’clock tomorrow, wait a minute I will soon fall asleep, I will enter the deep dream, get a very good sleep quality, wake up tomorrow, the body comfortable, full of vitality to meet the important meeting of the morning.”

Or simply say, “Every day and every aspect, I am getting better and better.”

In particular, the principle of design directive is that the forward language, simple and clear, verifiable, they can believe.

With a warm and quiet idea into the sweet dreams, up in the morning, when the mood as sunny, shining.