Hula hoop can reduce abdominal fat, strengthen the abdominal muscles, and for the liver, kidney function has improved, is already confirmed. So, when will the hula hoop turn the best? What is the best time for hula hoops to lose weight? In the morning, noon or evening?

When is the best time of turning hula hoop?

Turn hula hoop within a day to clear a few points turn no provision, but the hula hoop for the gastrointestinal peristalsis inhibition, will cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the general choice of the best half of the morning (9:00 to 11:00), half afternoon (3:00 -5) did not eat before the weight loss effect is better, or choose a meal more than 1 hour time point is also good.

  1. The advantages of turning hula hoop in the morning or afternoon:

One is the body at this time the state is better, suitable for exercise, and then fasting exercise to reduce fat, and not because of fasting caused by physical discomfort. Also, these times the stomach food digestion into the intestine, intestinal peristalsis has absorbed the food absorption, hula hoop rotation on the abdominal stimulation will not affect the normal function of the gastrointestinal.

  1. One hour after dinner the advantages of hula hoop:

Just eat the stomach more support, the blood running more in the stomach, this time turn hula hoop affect the digestion, is not conducive to weight loss, but also cause stomach problems Han. So, after dinner, then the best choice for 1 hour after meals transferred to the relative best time, because when the food digestion in the stomach was almost, then exercise can also accelerate the body fat burning.

Do not start up early in the morning from the fasting hula hoop circle

It was not good for the body to turning hula hoop while get up in the morning. Because the body after a night of excretion, the body’s water and energy are inadequate, and the morning blood pressure and blood sugar are not stable, if the morning with a relatively large amount of activity, it will increase the burden on the heart and cause low blood sugar. Especially when the blood sugar is too low, will affect the blood supply to the brain.

If you must exercise in the morning, it is best to eat a little food before exercise, such as a few slices of biscuits, to prevent blood sugar is too low.

The danger of fasting movement should be wary

We all know that the abdomen exercise is not good, but the fasting exercise is not agree, that fasting exercise gastrointestinal do not need much blood, gastrointestinal and limbs will not compete with the blood and the conflict. In fact, this is the wrong understanding, fasting exercise more dangerous.

Exercise requires the appropriate energy, the body usually the source of energy, mainly by the intake of sugar in the diet, but when the fasting morning exercises, the main source of energy depends on the fat. People in the fasting exercise, the free fatty acids in the blood will be significantly increased, the source of fatty acid activity such as excessive, there will be damage to the myocardium “poison”, causing arrhythmia, and even lead to sudden death.

Therefore, before the fasting exercise, you should first drink a glass of milk or eat some pastrhula-lose-weight-p1y, which can reduce the risk of hypoglycemia induced.

The effectiveness of hula hoop will ultimately depend on sticking

Shake the hula hoop is able to achieve the effect of exercise, but your exercise time must be long enough, because the movement of the hula hoop is not very strong, only to extend the movement time and sustained movement, to reach aerobic Movement of the stage, so as to consume the body to store fat and excessive heat, if only for a while, then it is anaerobic exercise, and can not lose weight Oh. Many people have a blind movement, that must be sweating is the movement, in fact, not all, some people themselves are relatively high tolerance of heat, it may be easier to sweat.

So, with the hula hoop to lose weight, then the best about three times a week, each time more than half an hour, heart beat up to one hundred and thirty, and insisted at least three months is appropriate. At the same time, during this period, if with other sports methods, and control the diet, the effect is even better.