Torso is fitness equipment in the body, and now use slimming disc to reduce the number of people is more and more. So, wriggling disk can really lose weight? Because of its simple structure, many women think it does not lose weight with its exercise; you may make a mistake Oh. When you sit in an office or watch TV at home and read a book, you often massage the plantar reflex zones, which can effectively relieve body fatigue and become the first choice.


Can you lose weight by twisting your waist?

The answer is yes

Twisting in the twisting disc during the process, hands and feet and use, not only can exercise the leg muscles, but also to the waist and abdomen muscles, thereby accelerating the fat burning of these parts, and then to thin skinny legs thin arms to lose weight . Moreover, the torsion plate with the body’s own weight, by trampling magnetic massage pad, naturally repeated to stimulate the plantar weight loss.

In addition, by stimulating foot acupuncture points, but also effectively eliminates the body fatigue, while the accumulation of toxins in the soles of the uric acid crystal will be excreted via the kidney, and promotes good health. However, there is no specific slimming plate weight loss effect, mainly to see if the method used is correct.

Using method of torsion waist disc

Squat leg, left and right twist body: This exercise can speed up the leg blood circulation, especially for those who rarely exercise office staff better effect.

Open arms half-grip cross on the head: about 5-8 minutes twist, so as to achieve breast fat, bodybuilding role.

Open arms were diagonal: one arm up vertically, the other arm down vertically, then the body twisting around, repeated practice, you can lose the waist fat.

The body bends forward: then twists around, which exercises can increase the body’s vital capacity.

Relax as you like: Be comfortable with your favorite aerobics or disco music, but differentiate yourself from your dancing style.

After trying all kinds of natural relaxation twisting action, if you want to achieve the effect of weight loss may need long-term practice, but once you master this practice method, you will really experience the fitness massage twist disc to bring you endless fun. However, it should be noted that people with spinal diseases, hypertension and uncontrolled hypertensive patients and hypertensive patients cannot be used

How long do you twist your waist to lose weight?

  1. How long each exercise will have effect?

If you just want to exercise through the twisting machine, each time you want to twist three groups of 5-10 minutes, the interval can rest for a few minutes;

If you want to lose weight by twisting the waist machine, then twist at least 6 groups, each time is 5-10 minutes, 5 minutes rest between the intervals.

  1. How many times per week will be effective?

Whether you want to exercise or lose weight, at least 3-5 times a week to ensure that exercise, that is, 3-5 days a week is a twist machine exercise, so as to have exercise results.

  1. How long can persist?

We can carry out 1 hour in the mid-strength twisting machine movement, then, can consume 356 calories. In accordance with this exercise 3-5 times a week, each can consume about 356 calories, you need to adhere to exercise for about 1 month to see the weight loss, can help lose about 5-8 pounds of body weight.Twist-Waist-Plate-2

Some tips to lose weight use twist waist plate

  1. Twist leg 45 degrees

In the use of twist waist plate, left and right feet twist each 45 degrees, the body rotated 90 degrees, so as to ensure better exercise to all parts of the body, to see the weight loss effect faster.

  1. 180 degrees waist rotation

In the twisting machine exercise, the most important thing is the waist to the left and right twist of 90 degrees, 180 degree rotation, so high amount of exercise of the waist and abdomen, faster waist minus the fat can be subtracted.

  1. Arm with the movement

In the twisting machine exercise, the arm also need to cooperate with the waving, not only can help the body to maintain balance, but also increase the effect of burning fat.

  1. Multi-directional twist

In the twisting waist machine process, not just a single swing around, you can increase up and down twisting, twisting before and after the multi-directional twisting, it can help exercise to more body parts, to help enhance the burning effect.

What will happen to lose weight with twist waist plate?

Waist an hour can consume about 200-300 calories, but also at the same time burning the waist, abdomen, legs, arms and other parts of the fat, to the thin waist, breast fat loss better weight loss.

Twist waist plate is not suitable for use by anyone

Although the twist waist plate movements are relatively simple, the intensity is also low, but like patients with spinal disease, hypertension, hypotension patients is not appropriate to use the twisting machine to lose weight.