We know that the use of abdominal muscles can exercise the muscles. Different parts of the body muscles, rely on different methods to exercise. The body has a lot of muscles, such as the leg muscles, muscles and abdominal muscles, back muscles and so on. These muscles are to rely on the correct method to exercise. So, which part of muscles can be practice by abdominal wheel and how about of the effect?

  1. Abdominal wheel can exercise the buttocks muscles

In the process of using the abdominal wheel, the pushing action will involve the buttocks muscles, which can also improve the strength and flexibility of the buttocks muscles so that they are well trained.

  1. Abdominal wheel can exercise arm muscles

In the process of using the abdominal wheel training, most of the exercise methods, the arms are more or less contribute, but all need to maximize the extension, can well stimulate the arm muscles. Arm muscles can exercise are: biceps, triceps, shoulder deltoid.

  1. Abdominal wheel can exercise the core muscles

Abdominal wheel exercise, the target muscle is the rectus abdominal muscle and abdominal transverse muscle, especially the standing posture training and kneeling position exercise, the stimulation for the core muscle group is relatively large, can play a better core exercise The role of muscle groups. And to exercise the core muscle group mainly by the rectus abdominal, abscess muscle, lower back muscle and erector spinal muscle group.

  1. Abdominal wheel can exercise calf muscles

In the use of abdominal wheel on the calf exercise, the two foot stepping on the abdominal wheel handle, pushing the abdominal muscles, making the calf should be as far forward as possible. This action is able to exercise the calf muscle group.

  1. Abdominal wheel can exercise the waist and back muscles

Abdominal wheel in the use of the exercise process, due to the need to promote the health of abdominal wheel, is able to stimulate the back of the muscles, to get some exercise.

  1. Abdominal wheel can exercise the chest muscle group

Abdominal wheel in the yoga-style exercise can make the chest muscles to get exercise, especially pectorals major. And you can also use two abdominal wheel do the same as do bench press bench press exercise, can play a very good pecks muscles.

  1. Several points which we need to attention in use of abdominal wheel
  • With the best before the abdominal muscles do some stretching exercise or aerobic exercise to warm up, so as to avoid muscle strain in the process of abdominal wheel training.
  • Warm-up exercise on the one hand you can open the physical activity, so the practice will be better, on the other hand also allows the body to advance into the exercise state, in an adaptive process will not easily lead to sprains, muscle strain or uncomfortable feeling.
  • Do not kneel training back when the sag, waist, buttocks do not too high, so as to avoid backache back pain situation.
  • In the training we should always maintain the waist with force, not the neck force.
  • Training should be gradual, not too strong intensity. In fact, the abdominal wheel do not need to practice every day, in addition, if kneeling position training is always on the ground, then rest for a few days, or reduce the number of training, difficulty and so adapt to the body and then slowly increase the difficulty of training. Also, practicing abdominal muscle pain, then do not continue, rest for two days is appropriate.