1. Orange juice smoked duck onion salad
  • Nutrition (1 person): 1.5 grams of protein, 1.5 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fat, heat 38 kcal
  • Material (4 copies): smoked duck breast 1/4, raw onions
  • Sauce: Concentrated orange juice
  • Practice: duck breast slices, raw onions cut filaments through the ice water, pour the concentrated orange juice and decorated .
  • Comments: even if you want to lose weight, animal protein is still indispensable; with onions, you can through the spicy food to improve fat metabolism. After the smoked duck aroma full, with orange juice will be sweeter.lose-weight-salad02
  1. Smoked salmon 5-color salad
  • Nutrition (1 person): 1 gram of protein, 0.5 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fat, heat 18 kcal
  • Material (4 copies): smoked salmon 200 grams, green, red, yellow, orange and other pepper 1/4, alfalfa buds, onions,
  • Sauce: 1 teaspoon of fish sauce, fresh lemon juice, salt a little
  • Practice: pepper and onion cut filaments, alfalfa buds on the back row of pepper and onions, heap smoked salmon. Pour on the sauce, sprinkle with sour beans can be.
  • Comments: smoked salmon 5-color salad colorful color is to make good use of 5-color fruit and vegetable weight loss method, not only at the same time intake of a variety of ingredients, balanced nutrition, in psychology can also be achieved by the effect of soothing effect.lose-weight-salad03
  1. Tuna salad
  • Material: canned tuna, mushrooms, holy fruit, asparagus, salad dressing.
  • Practice: the asparagus cut into small pieces, holy fruit on the half cut, mushroom slices. Cut off with boiling water boiled about broken students. Put the good material into the bowl, then add tuna and salad dressing, stir evenly. Take another bowl, clean the lettuce leaves on the pad, down with a good salad.
  • Comments: tuna meat contains amino acids complete, the human body needs 8 kinds of amino acids are also contains a variety of minerals and trace elements, is a rare modern health food, coupled with the promotion of digestion of asparagus, Holy fruit, laxative detoxification of the mushrooms, weight-loss effect of a rod.lose-weight-salad04
  1. Olive oil salad
  • Materials: salad dishes (bitter chrysanthemum), small tomatoes, small radish, new kinship orange, lemon, walnut, celery leaves.
  • Accessories: virgin olive oil two teaspoons, black vinegar a teaspoon, black pepper broken amount, salt a teaspoon.
  • Practice: pour two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil in a small bowl. Pour a teaspoon of black vinegar, if you like, you can also increase the amount of black vinegar. Grasp the right amount of black pepper and the amount of salt. Pour the salad juice directly into the washed vegetables.
  • Comments: olive oil can not only help digestion, but also to prevent constipation, so this section weight loss salad effect. At the same time olive oil can also prevent skin aging, make the skin become more healthy, more elastic. Remember to drink two tablespoons of olive oil before the breakfast every day, which is helpful for those who are eager to have delicate skin. When cooking, switch to olive oil. Because it is less than the edible oil heat, not only help to lose weight, there are rich vitamins, the body is very good.lose-weight-salad05
  1. Sauce yogurt salad
  • Material: Banana half, half peach, dragon fruit half, kiwi one, yogurt a cup.
  • Practice: all the materials peeled, washed, cut into granular, together into the bowl. Topped with yogurt.
  • Comments: bananas are nutrient-rich gastrointestinal adjustment drinks, can prevent constipation, and easy to have a sense of satiety, and dragon fruit, kiwi perfect match, coupled with rich taste of yogurt, unique flavor.lose-weight-salad06
  1. Four-color fruit salad
  • Ingredients: cherry, grapes, lychee, holy fruit 5, lemon juice, salad dressing amount.
  • Practice: the cherries, grapes, holy fruit were cleaned, litchi peeling to the nuclear, with salad dressing evenly, and finally add lemon juice.
  • Grapes can help the liver detoxification; litchi can not only kidney, but also can speed up the metabolism of the kidneys; lemon contains a high degree of alkalinity can improve blood circulation, remove the lungs toxin.lose-weight-salad07
  1. Tomato quail eggs salad
  • Material: Tomato, lettuce, holy fruit, cucumber, quail eggs, Thousand Island sauce (according to personal preferences for other sauces can also be)
  • Practice: the quail eggs cooked peeling after the reserve; holy fruit on the half open, cucumber cut the appropriate size; tomato need to empty the interior. The holy fruit, cucumber, quail eggs and Qiandao sauce mixed evenly, can be loaded into the tomatoes.
  • Comments: tomatoes, lettuce, holy fruit, cucumber and so are good food to lose weight, coupled with quail eggs and make up for the lack of protein supplement.