Weight loss belly cannot be separated from the control of the diet, so the girls can do their own cooking, take a look at the fastest weight loss diet recipe.

Reduce belly fat diet recipes

Barley bean soup

Material: mung bean 20 grams, 20 grams of barley.


  1. Wash the barley and mung bean, then soak overnight with water.
  2. drain the water , then put the green beans and barley into the new water, with the fire to boil.
  3. After boil and cook with a small fire.
  4. You can add a small amount of sugar, honey or fructose, but remember not add more, these are all carbohydrates, you cannot eat during the weight loss.

Weight loss principle: mung bean and barley have diuretic, improve the effect of edema. While the barley itself has whitening effect, can reduce the face of the spot. Mung bean is detoxification effect, to ensure the timely release of toxins in the body, so you are no longer tortured by constipation.

Cabbage stew tofu


Ingredients: 250 grams of Chinese cabbage, a small amount of salt, tofu 80 grams, a very small amount of soy sauce, ginger 5 grams.


  1. Wash the cabbage cut into small pieces, tofu cut into pieces.
  2. After the pot heat, add ginger burst fragrance, stir into the cabbage, add soy sauce and stir fry about.
  3. Add tofu, add some water covered the cabbage, with a little salt seasoning, and then simmer for a few minutes to cook. Remember that cabbage does not speculate for too long, so as to avoid excessive loss of vitamins.

Weight loss principle: Vitamin is an indispensable element during weight loss. This meal in the tofu to provide us with a certain amount of protein, can be good for us to keep the muscles, but the majority of fat consumption of fat it.

Lean bitter gourd soup


Material: 250 grams of lean meat, the amount of salt, bitter gourd 400 grams.


  1. Cut bitter meloninto pieces, pig lean meat also cut into pieces.
  2. After boiling the pot to boil, add bitter gourd stew for about 20 minutes.
  3. You can add beef stew together with stew, add a little salt, boiled with beef can be wok food.

Weight loss principle: bitter gourd contains a lot of potassium, potassium to help the body to eliminate edema to promote detoxification, and pork for us to provide the energy source of muscle.

The most effective recipe principle of belly belly

  1. Eat more orange fruits and vegetables in addition to their cellulose, can extend the sense of fullness, its rich in vitamin C and β-carotene can also avoid abdominal fat accumulation. Vegetables in the carrots, pumpkin is a good representative, can provide a lot of β-carotene; fruit peaches, citrus, cherries, kiwi are rich in vitamin C leader.
  2. Get more selenium selenium can not only anti-cancer, but also reduce the incidence of abdominal obesity. Foods containing selenium: beans: purple beans, red beans, kidney beans cereals; wheat embryo powder, cornmeal fruits and vegetables: parsley, rape, spinach.
  3. Eat more fish and Danish, Copenhagen University Hospital survey results show that eating fish and eggs and other high-quality protein so that you have satiety and increase energy to help lose weight, especially those over the age of 40 can also reduce abdominal fat. In addition to fish and eggs can provide high quality protein, the shrimp, shellfish, chicken breasts are high quality protein.