How long the movement starts to burn fat

  • Exercise 30 minutes start to burn fat.

Scientists for a study in subjects,implanted arm detector started blood glucose in first minute consumed after exercise, 10 minutes after exercise, increased blood flow in adipose tissue, fat burning, fat tissue blood flow at the time of 30 minutes maximum.Even stop moving, adipose tissue blood flow in high concentration may last up to 6 hours, and even sports for more than 30 minutes exercise fats only burn 6 hours.

From the movement of direct heat consumption,exercise intensity equal to last 30 minutes, and two or three times, campaign adds up to 30 minutes, you burn more calories are the same.But if your goal is to lose weight, it is best to sustainable continued for 30 minutes, so that the fat can continue to burn 6 hours.












  • What shall we do when can not hold 30 minutes really!

Some of the ladies said, insisting on exercise for a week, why weight has not fallen, they are often frustrated and anxious. In fact, they may run four laps around the playground every day, and then brisk walking around.So I give them a suggestion, this exercise is very weak,if you want to lose weight. At least set the target at 5 km.

  • Incremental exercise is important!

At the beginning, you can stand for 15 minutes, just 15 minutes as the goal, later increased to 20 minutes a week, and then increased to 25 minutes and so on.Rigorous exercise program, usually at least a month, to increase to the final exercise.

In addition, the good news is that as long as a single movement of more than 10 minutes, you start to burn fat, and significantly promoted effect of heart and lung function and physical fitness.At first it wouldn’t last for 30 minutes at a time, you can be divided into 3 times, every 10 minutes to complete.People with poor heart and lung functions, be sure not to force continuous movement.Otherwise, your body because of excessive load, the earlier wills crashes, for two or three days, physical symptoms.












  • Breathing is the symbol start to burn fat.

In addition to exercise, exercise intensity was also important.There is a simple method, if you exercise you feel could speak, but has been unable to sing, this strength is the most appropriate.If you can sing happy, that’s strength is not enough;If you have even the words out, it’s intensity is too large and needs to be adjusted.

Other senses of the body: for example body fever, shortness of breath, sweating significantly (but note that sweat is to regulate body temperature.How much sweat is not linked to the amount of fat burning)












  • Is it good to exercise too much time every day!

Exercise is a good thing, but I want you the right amount.

All things too much.Excessive exercise, consuming too much energy in the human body, energy stocks lost his balance and obesity genes will reduce the production of thin protein, increased appetite, to consume more energy to complement your body needs.It will affect weight loss.While the probability of sports injuries will increase.Best fat loss exercise is no more than 5 days a week, no more than 90-120 minutes of exercise a day.

Physical because everyone is different, use time to measure whether excessive deviation, the simplest method is to use the increase in appetite after exercise as to whether an appropriate amount of references.If the feeling of appetite after exercise, indicating moderate amount of exercise.Post-exercise appetite, notes the amount of exercise a little bit more.

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