Ballet, also known as guava, is a relatively common summer fruit, loved by female friends.

Can I eat guava to lose weight? The answer is true?

Guava is a low-fat low-calorie fruit, very suitable for people to lose weight to eat, at least not fat. Guava per 100 grams of edible part of the calorie contains 41 calories, but also contains a variety of nutrients, such as carbohydrates 14.2 grams, 0.4 grams of fat, protein 1.1 grams, 68 grams of vitamin, cellulose 5.9 grams, calcium 13 Mg, potassium 235 mg.

In addition, eating guava satiety strong, guava is rich in dietary fiber and vitamin C, it can promote gastrointestinal motility, accelerate the body of toxins to discharge, to help clean the intestinal tract, play a smooth defecation effect, moderate consumption of weight loss benefit.


Principle of Guava diet.

  1. Guava heat is relatively low, every 100 grams of heat is 41 kcal, and contains fat and carbohydrates is relatively small.
  2. Guava full sense of satiety, eating guava can help reduce the intake of other food calories.
  3. Guava contains a relatively rich dietary fiber, can play a role in stimulating intestinal peristalsis, is conducive to help the body toxins discharge, for weight loss help.
  4. Guava contains vitamin C, lycopene and otheringredients are relatively strong antioxidant, with the role of promoting metabolism, and antioxidants can remove free radicals in the blood, reduce cholesterol levels.

How to eat guava to lose weight?

  1. How to eat: if you want to eat pomegranate to lose weight, guava not only as fresh fruit directly raw food, you can also cut into small pieces of guava, according to the taste of different people add fine salt, salty, etc., or squeeze guava into juice consumption, are also able to help to lose weight.
  2. When to eat: it is recommended to eat half an hour before meals guava, guava in the rich dietary fiber can help increase satiety, reduce the consumption of meals, to avoid more food intake of calories.
  3. How much to eat every day: guava weight loss is not eat the more the better, guava and astringent taste, and eat more will lead to constipation, you want to lose weight every day up to eat a favorite.


Why do people eat guava caused weight gain?

In general, eating guava is not the case of fat, but also lose weight. However, there are also the phenomenon of eating guava leading to fat, may be the following reasons:

  1. Eat too much

Guava sweet and juicy, fresh meat, very delicious, accidentally may eat more, guava although the fat content and calories are relatively low, but long-term too much food, heat will accumulate, causing obesity. In order to avoid excessive use of guava meat and lead to obesity, to control the amount of food, the best day is not to eat more than two guavas.

  1. Eat before going to bed

Some girls like to eat fruit at night, and the body in the evening digestion function will decline, the body will reduce the consumption of calories a lot, especially just eat guava to sleep, will lead to guava in the heat and sugar cannot Timely consumption, the formation of fat accumulation, which cause weight gain.

When to eat guava will not gain weight: Guava Whether it is before meals or after dinner, or between meals, as long as not a one-time consumption of too much, generally do not cause obesity, but before going to bed 4 Hour is best not to eat guava again.

Precautions of eat guava weight loss.

  1. Perennial constipation that should not eat guava.
  2. Guava is rich in fat and protein, eat more easily constipation and get angry, eat time to control the weight.
  3. Guava seed and more patients with bronchial disease should not eat guava, or easy to choke throat, but may cause disease. Because the guava seed hard to digest, it is easy to cause constipation, so if they have constipation symptoms of people, you should avoid even the seeds to eat together.