During My 11 Years The Horrors Of Paramedic Life Were My Reality

Devil’s advocates out there may be saying to themselves that I signed up for it, but I didn’t. While I was a student at Save-My-Life School, a combo of the Partial Hospitalization Program at Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie, Ont. and the Homewood Health Centre in Guelph, Ont., my teacher […]

The 1st Delightful Signs That Spring Has Sprung Across Canada

Pay attention to the sights, sounds and flavours — warmer weather’s on the way. With the springing forward of our clocks and increased daylight, many Canadians are getting antsy for the arrival of spring, perhaps especially for our friends in the Atlantic provinces (darn you, Nor’easter!). What can be more […]

Royal Etiquette You Should Follow At Any Wedding

Regardless of whether it’s a posh affair or not, there are definitely some royal rules of etiquette that we can all learn from. When Prince William married Kate Middleton in 2011, the Queen issued a 22-page etiquette guide for attending guests. And though they’re already bucking trends, Prince Harry and […]

Get Healthy Day by Day

“We usually have a moment in our lives where we pinpoint a turning point.” HuffPost Canada’s Lost It series chronicles the stories of everyday Canadians who have struggled with their weight — and won. We talk to people about what they eat, how they exercise and generally, what their healthy […]